Kyla Nickerson

Membership Growth Associate

As a Southern California native, Kyla has never been far from the beach and loves to soak up the sun. She managed to stay close to the water as she started her college education in Santa Barbara, and finished at University of California San Diego. It wasn’t until college that Kyla had many opportunities to travel, but since she started, she hasn’t wanted to stop! Before starting her junior year at UCSD, she went to Florida to work for Disney World for a year. There, she made some amazing memories with some amazing friends that she still keeps up with and often travels with.

Since then, Kyla has explored many places in the US, and is very excited for her first trip abroad later this year. After being postponed twice already because of the pandemic, she is finally ready to take her three-week tour of Europe and visit 11 new countries. Kyla is looking forward to great sites, amazing food, and meet some wonderful people!

Kyla’s sunny personality and helpful attitude has always helped her thrive in customer service roles. She is excited to to be a part of the THIRDHOME Member Experience Team to grow that skill and connect with members!

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