Jason Chee

Software Engineer

Jason is a software engineer based in the New York City Metropolitan area. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a focus on Media Studies. After several years of professional work, Jason decided to move to China to start learning Mandarin.

While living in China, Jason spent his free time teaching himself how to code. In 2017, Jason enrolled in a coding bootcamp in Shanghai, which opened up a whole new perspective on the world of software development. Following the bootcamp, Jason pursued entrepreneurship by co-founding a tech consulting agency that provided custom software solutions based in Hangzhou, China. In 2020, Jason decided to close his chapter in China and return to the US.

Since his return, he has worked as a software engineer in industries such as apparel, e-commerce, and real estate. During his time in China, Jason had the opportunity to travel to several countries in Southeast Asia and Asia. In his free time, Jason enjoys training in jiu jitsu, reading manga, and spending time with his family and friends.

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