Daniel McBrayer THIRDHOME
Daniel McBrayer THIRDHOME

Daniel McBrayer


Daniel joined the THIRDHOME team in August of 2018, where he leads the engineering team to deliver an outstanding software experience for our members. He believes that software can be a great tool to connect people, and that the practice of its development can be a kind of art.

Before joining THIRDHOME, Daniel worked with two companies that he co-founded: Vestigo, an outdoor adventure company that uses challenging outdoor experiences to implement culture change within organizations; and a software development company.

Daniel grew up in Alabama, and always had an interest in exploring the unknown. Daniel has a goal to travel to all seven continents in his lifetime, which makes his work with THIRDHOME a great fit. So far, he’s traveled to four of the seven, and his favorite place is Glen Coe, Scotland.

Daniel lives in Savannah, Georgia with his wife and two dogs, where they spend most of their time telling the dogs to get off the couch or don’t eat that. He has a deep passion for learning new skills, and for making things. Usually, the things that he makes can either be used on a computer or eaten – rarely both.

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