Alicia Varela

Marketing Intern, EMEA

Associate, Exchange

Having a Spanish mother and an English father, Alicia has grown up in the south of Spain between two cultures and two languages. Having to communicate with people from all around the world from a young age, her love for languages grew as she started to learn French at the age of 6.

At 18, she was accepted into the University of Exeter in the UK and studied modern languages. She completed a whole academic year in Italy, learning the language, making long-lasting friends, and traveling to new places. During her university years, she took up new hobbies like photography, horse riding and tennis.

After finishing her degree, she decided to embark on a new journey, starting a postgraduate course in marketing. She hopes that THIRDHOME will teach her real-world skills for the workplace so she can grow inside the company and make new memories!

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