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No-Risk Exchange Policy

No-Risk Exchange Reservation Policy

THIRDHOME‘s Commitment to Help Members Book with Confidence and Peace of Mind.

The Benefit of No-Risk Booking

The landscape of travel is everchanging, so we instituted a policy to give our members peace of mind in the event of unforeseen circumstances. As our members consider future travel planning, they can book worry-free exchanges with our No-Risk Exchange Reservation Policy.

We strive to remain flexible and agile in creating policies and procedures that strike a balance for both members, and The Club as a whole.

Created with Members in Mind

One of the main benefits of being a member of THIRDHOME is the ability to travel the world yet still feel “at home.” If the unexpected happens prior to a planned trip, we are prepared.

We have created a policy that applies to any exchange reservation made before or after an unexpected major event occurs such as an earthquake, fire, hurricane, or widespread disease which makes travel impossible or unsafe. The policy is driven by recommendations or restrictions as set forth by official U.S Government and other known global travel and safety resources and the discretion of THIRDHOME.

We’ve got you covered

Should any such unplanned events occur and the Guest needs to cancel their Exchange, all they have to do is contact their Member Experience expert. This can occur anytime up to 14 days before the reservation starts. The Guest needs only to notify us of their desire to cancel and we’ll handle the rest.

We manage all the details such as reaching out to let the Host know about the cancellation, to providing the appropriate Keys and exchange fee credit back to the Guest member’s account for future travel.

Should an unforeseen event such as fire, flood, or pandemic occur within the 14 days prior to the trip, the Guest may cancel without penalty.

A policy that will last

When it comes to helping arrange the dream vacation, THIRDHOME has the Guests’ best interest at heart. Members don’t typically book a trip fearing an earthquake, flood, fire, or widespread pandemic. With this policy, our members can book with confidence knowing that every trip they reserve with us will be covered. This permanent policy is yet another benefit of belonging to our private luxury exchange club. The complete policy in its entirety can be found in our Terms and Conditions.



Here’s where you come in

We want members to have the best experience with THIRDHOME, under all circumstances. Should this policy come in to play, we’ll handle all the details in regards to the stay itself, but all other travel details not arranged through THIRDHOME will be managed by the member. THIRDHOME nor the Host will be responsible for expenses that may occur as a result of cancelling a trip under these circumstances.  

We want our travelers to be informed before they travel and have some tips on how to do that here.

If you have any more questions about our policy please visit our FAQs page or reach out to us by calling 1.833.682.7264. If you are a member please feel free to reach out directly to your dedicated Member Experience expert.

This policy was instituted by THIRDHOME LTD. on March 31st, 2020. See Terms and Conditions for policy details.

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